Remember Our Veterans!

All of us living in Canada today benefit from the contributions and sacrifices of all those who came before us. From the earliest times, when the first arrivals came here walking overland from Asia or drifting ashore from east and west, people have adapted to the natural environment and benefitted from its bounty. Respect for our land’s fragility helps to ensure its sustainability into the future.

‘Veteran’ citizens have made, and some continue to make, their contributions to ensure peace and security in the world during struggles regarding values, principles, interests, and what they understood to be “good, right, fair, just, and the way-things-ought-to-be”. Respect for their service and sacrifices helps ensure our sustainability, as a progressive society oriented toward “the common good”, into the future. Some of those veterans’ names are engraved on the stone monument at the Cenotaphs in Strathroy and New Hamburg. Those and others can be found on this website.

This website started with veterans associated with my experiences while living in Strathroy, Ontario. I have since moved back to Wilmot Township and my range of veterans’ listings is now growing larger. Thus, visitors to this site will also find, over time, information about veterans in the Waterloo Region of Ontario, and those vets whom I “just find interesting to research”. [If the item is in blue and has an underline, then it is a clickable link to information. If not clickable, then I’m still working on it. If you have information about any of the items on this site, let me know using the email below.]

Thus, I will be restructuring the Home page so visitors can find which region they want to visit from here, or from the dropdown menus above, or by using the search bar at the top.

The intent of this website is to provide background and context to the lives of those who sacrificed their personal lives for us who come after, those who returned to contribute before their deaths, and those who serve still.

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