At the cenotaph site, there is a sidewalk that curves around from the street and passes in front of the monument.  In front of the cenotaph monument itself was a stone wall constructed many years ago of rubble stone from the monument maker in town.  That wall has needed repairs over the years. Thus, among consultation by the Municipality of Strathroy – Caradoc, the Strathroy – Caradoc Lions, the I.O.D.E. Mary Armstrong Branch, and the Branch #116 Strathroy, Legion it has been decided that the wall will be removed and replaced with an arc-shaped, poured cement wall approximately 46′ long that follows the same curve along the front side of the sidewalk.  The I.O.D.E. and Legion are coordinating this portion of the Veterans Memorial Way project.

The wall will have a ‘break’ in its centre allowing people to approach the cenotaph monument directly from the street sidewalk.  The area in front of the wall which was previously grass and garden will now be a cement pad.  This will make it easier for people approaching the cenotaph to be able to pay their respects – especially during the laying of wreaths on November 11th each year.

The area between the street and the wall of memorial plaques will now also have a circular, 8-foot diameter cement sitting wall area with a water fountain at its centre. The water fountain addition is sponsored by the Progress Through Partnership coalition consisting of the Business Improvement Association, the Chamber of Commerce and the Conservation Authority.

The concrete wall will have a sloped top surface upon which stainless steel, laser-etched plaques, provided by sponsors with the Strathroy – Caradoc Lions Club, will be fastened.  The plaques will recognize each of the battalions in which Strathroy veterans served when they died. This site has background information about each of the veterans, and the battalions they served with, that matches the plaques.

Below is an EARLY DRAFT diagram of the cenotaph area, showing the location of the new wall, and a side view of its construction. Note that the final concept includes a ‘break’ in the centre of the wall allowing access to the monument and that the wall is now in front of the sidewalk closer to the street.

99 Cenotaph + Wall + Recognition

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