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1st Canadian Infantry Battalion  

Wilson ‘Mac’ Cuddy

Arthur Holderness

Frederick Jay

John Nunn

William Oscar O’Dell

Frederick Wilfred Robinson

1st Depot Battalion (Western Ontario & Alberta Regiments)

Thomas Edgar Norman (Western Ontario Regiment)

Joseph Harold Payne (Alberta Regiment)

1st & 4th Battalions Canadian Machine Gun Corps

John Brown

Hugh Dewar

2nd Canadian Infantry Battalion

George E. Wallace

3rd Battalion Canadian Infantry Troops (Toronto Regiment)

Robert Oscar Davis

3rd Battalion Canadian Railway Troops

George Robert Alexander Urquhart

4th Canadian Infantry Battalion

James McGeary

4th & 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles

William Henry Gough

Alexander Newton

Ralph Newton

George Main

4th & 8th Canadian Military Engineers

James MacAuley

8th Field Company

Stormont McIntyre

9th Canadian Infantry Battalion

Ross Dickinson Briscoe

14th Canadian Infantry Battalion (Royal Montreal Regiment)

Cyril Lowe

15th Canadian Infantry Battalion (48th Highlanders of Canada)

Walter Treleaven Beer

James Warren Kellestine

Thomas Whyte Milliken

Asa John Patterson

Charles Perring

16th Canadian Infantry Battalion (Princess Mary’s Scottish)

Arthur Lodge Lindsay

18th Canadian Infantry Battalion  (Eastern Ontario)

Reginald James Buchanan

Ernest J. Leaden

Edward T. Moore

Harold Wiese

19th Canadian Infantry Battalion

Ernest J. Burtenshaw

Vernon Wilfred Sullivan

29th Canadian Infantry Battalion (Vancouver)

Andrew Gordon Small

47th Canadian Infantry Battalion (B.C.)

Neil McLean

Charles Henry Smithrim

50th Canadian Infantry Battalion

William E. Foxen (M.C.)

54th Canadian Infantry Battalion (Kootenay)

Henry L. Pembleton

58th Canadian Infantry Battalion

Sidney Kemp

72nd Canadian Infantry Battalion (Seaforth Highlanders)

Robert Brown

99th Overseas Battalion

Thomas Welch

101st Squadron Royal Air Force

Wilfred H. Cooper

135th Overseas Battalion

William Frederick Adair

James Armstrong

William S. Cowan

Howard James

Canadian Army Medical Corps

James Abbott

Canadian Cyclists Battalion

Charles R. Bennet

Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry

Arnold Newbury

Royal Air Force

Edgar Sexton

Royal Canadian Dragoons

Eugene A. Reardon

Volunteer Aid Detachment (nurses)

Alice Nettleton

Discharged (survived the war)

William Samuel Cowan (15th Canadian Infantry Battalion – 48th Highlanders)

Harold Payne (1st Depot Battalion, Alberta Regiment)

Died of War Wounds (not on Strathroy Cenotaph)

Bosman, John (April 13, 1917, @Vimy Ridge)

deGex, Frederick George (1917)

Hall, Richard (November 3, 1916)

Howson, Asa (February 12, 1919, @ France)

Marr, Laverne (1918 @ Arras)

Patterson, George William (1917)

Ramey, Errol Russell (October 1, 1918)

Survived a War WWI or WWII (not on cenotaph)

Anderson, Arthur T. (1939)

Baker, Walter (1966)

Barnes, Herbert Evan Paul (1942)

Beck, Alfred E. (1958)

Breedon, Oscar C. (1952)

Brown, Jack A. (1981)

Brown, William James Humphrey (August 23, 1996)

Cann, John A. (1955)

Clithero, Isaac (1960)

Collins, Alexander (1963)

Conkey, William George (1969)

Cooper, Norman J. (1989)

Cruden, Gorden (2006)

Crummer, James H. (1951)

Daubs, William (1992)

Davies, Arthur T. (1962)

Dempsey, John W. (1972)

Dickson, Robert Edward (1996)

Dunsmore, Albert H. (1970)

Evans, Samuel (1947)

Fagan, Albert (1989)

Fifield, Henry (July 24, 1948)

Finley, Aileen (1981)

Ford, Henry K. (2008)

Gilhooley, John (1986)

Gooden, Thomas H. (February 15, 2005)

Goodison, James M. (1937)

Graham, Norman Leslie (1996)

Grainger, Walter A. (1956)

Green, Cephas L. (1961)

Gunness, David H. (1950)

Harman, Henry (November 25, 1949)

Hastings, Allan (1999)

Henderson, Hugh (1958)

Hillis, Robert Oliver (1946)

Hudspith, Harry (1961)

Ingham, William (1957)

James, Thomas H. (1969)

Jenkins, Percy W. (1955)

Keck, Howard S. (1988)

Kinder, Edward L. (1924)

King, Joseph (1958)

Leigh, John (1920)

Leigh, Lionel T. (1947)

Leitch, Raymond C. (1952)

Lewis, Gertrude (1977)

Lindsay, George Cameron Lodge (1969)

Lindsay, William Bethune (June 27, 1933)

Marshman, Samuel J. (1961)

McConnell, Hubert (1993)

McLellan, Francis B. (1976)

McLellan, Mabel ( 19__)

McMeekin, Alexander (1962)

McPherson, Allen C. (1984)

Mills, James A. (1932)

Moore, Henry Percival (1950)

Morrison, James B. (U.S. Army)

Murphy, Roy D. (1958)

Murphy, Frank A. (1963)

Muxlow, Roy D. (1957)

Partridge, Horacce C. (1953)

Pedden, John A. (1964)

Penprase, Leonard C. (1951)

Pugsley, George (1929)

Raithby, William (1956)

Rawlings, Alfred (1977)

Reed, Thomas M. (2001)

Robson, Robert (1972)

Scott, Walter (1971)

Smalley, Bert D. (1968)

Smith, Donald Montrose (2013)

Smith, Isaac A. (1968)

Smith, John S. (1993)

Smith, Norman S. (2010)

Smith, William Ray (1965)

Such, Arthur (1964)

Talmey, Albert C. (1970)

Taylor, Edmund H. J. (1952)

Thompson, Albert (2010)

Thomson, Albert (1973)

Tofflemire, Beverley S. (1992)

Watkinson, F. J. (1955)

Welch, Sidney (1950)

Welch, Sydney (1953)

Wood, James R. (1998)