The Strathroy Municipal Cemetery has been divided into sections, or Zones, by letter.

If you go to the cemetery and ask the attendant for a zone by letter, he won’t know what you’re asking about, because the letter system was developed by the local genealogy group. They work by the dates the various zones of the cemetery were surveyed.

Here’s how the letter and years match up:

A: 1924   B: 1924   C east: 1924   C west: 1892   D: 1892   EC: 1892   E east: 1892

E west: 1868   F east: 1892   F west: 1892 & 1868   G: ?  H: 1868   I east: 1868

I west: 1862  J: 1953  N: 1953   K: 1953   L: 1953   M: 1983  P: 1983  O: 2003

Q east: 1953   Q west: 1983

BELOW are lists of graves in each Zone. If for example, you went to the spot in the cemetery marked on the map for section A, where the arrow starts, you would be looking at the first grave in that row with the name McPhall on it. On the list below for Zone A, in the left-hand column, you can see that Zone A.1.1 matches that grave.  Thus the code A.1.1 means; Zone A, Row 1, 1st grave in the row. On the right-hand side are the identifiers for the graves of the veterans found so far. I may see you wandering around, taking a leisurely walk for fun and exercise, looking for graves?