This page is a work in progress.  This is where two types of stories will be assembled:
These are the stories about veterans of the two world wars, but whose names are not on our cenotaph.  However, these veterans now have descendants who live in the Strathroy – Caradoc community.
These are the stories told by people who are “locals” but whose predecessors are NOT on our cenotaph. They may have family connections whose predecessors are veterans who are most probably now dead, and who served during WWI or WWII, and maybe not even in a Canadian regiment. These may be veterans who served in the name of a different country: Britain, France, Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria – Hungary, Italy, the Ottoman Empire, Russia, an African country, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, etc. We want to remember them.
Many families have photographs, letters, memorabilia, and of course memorable stories that make history real to us.  We would like to gather together here electronic images of those items so that they can be shared and not lost.
There may also be stories passed down of “Life During the Wars in Europe”.  They may not be about anyone who served but are about events of life during those times. The setting could have been anywhere in the world – at “home” – wherever that was at that time. What was life like in that place, at that time?
These recollections are all an extended part of our local history, our local sense of community and if we can gather them, and share them, it can only bring us closer together as a community of citizens who care about each others’ past, present and future.
Please email me with your contacts so I can gather your stories.